Full Stack Developer (Mid to Lead)


Copenhagen, Flexible



As a key technical hire, you'll work closely with our founders, playing an instrumental role in the product lifecycle from discovery to execution and continuous improvement.

As a part of our tech team, you'll have the opportunity to work with a modern JavaScript stack, including Node.js, Next.js, Nest.js, and React.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Product Development: Contribute actively to the discovery, execution, and delivery of our IT management software, building solutions from the ground up together with our founders

  • Continuous Improvement: Be part of the ongoing enhancement of our features and procedures during the maintenance phase, using stakeholders' feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments.

  • Solution Architecture: Implement solution architecture and work on performance optimizations to deliver high-performance, scalable SaaS apps.

  • Collaboration: Work in synergy with the team, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared learning.


  • Proven experience as a Full Stack Developer or similar role.

  • Full stack JavaScript experience, preferably with Node.js, Next.js, Nest.js, and React.

  • Solid understanding of Postgres, GraphQL, and performance optimizations.

  • Experience in the specification, architecture, and implementation of solutions.

  • Familiarity with Agile development methodologies and code reviews.

  • Experience working on high-performance scalable SaaS apps.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Ability to use stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology.


As a key contributor to our early team, we believe you should share in the success of the company. Our compensation package includes:

  1. A fair balance between your current salary and future rewards such as pension and company equity.

  2. A warrant program, offering a stake in the company's future success.

  3. Pension scheme.

  4. Flexible working hours.

  5. Generous vacation-day policy.

  6. Up-to-date tech- and tool stack.

At Marts, we care about people and culture. We trust you to deliver in the time you give us, with a strong belief in work-life balance. We believe in creating a fun workplace and offer flexibility as a given.


At Marts, we're building the IT management solution we’ve always wanted to deploy and utilize, while growing the team we’ve always aspired to be a part of.

We're a dedicated SaaS business headquartered in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Our mission? To manage, optimize, and anticipate your IT needs without all the typical headaches.

We believe that businesses, as we know it, are poised for a massive IT management revolution. Currently, most companies are struggling with optimizing and utilizing their technology resources efficiently. We envision a world where the right tech tools are used optimally, reducing waste and ultimately contributing to a greener environment. This approach should be at the heart of IT operations. We don't just think of ourselves as an IT company - instead, we see our role as silent partners, allies in making the most of your technology.

In essence, we're building the OS for IT - a system designed to maximize efficiency, promote sustainability, and support businesses in their core missions. Come and join us on this journey towards a future where IT management is smarter, greener, and more streamlined.


Our team has spent years perfecting employee engagement and business spending at companies like Peakon and Roger.ai. We’ve been builders and executors for a decade, but we’re people first, with families and dependencies. So we’ve learned that life outside should work enable life at work - not the other way around. If you trust us with your time, we trust you to deliver in the time you give us. In other words freedom with responsibilities.

We like to experiment when input and output are based on data. We insist on structure and documentation, not only in development but for the entire organization. We take the responsibility of creating a good workplace seriously, mental health is equally important to physical health. We truly believe that working has to be fun first, if it isn’t fun, it isn’t motivating. Flexibility is a given, you give what you get.

Application process

We believe hiring should be transparent and requirement based. Transparency in hiring assures that you know how long the process will be and what you'll be doing. Clear and consistent requirements make sure that everybody gets the same and fair experience.

  1. Apply

  2. Phone call

  3. Interview with hiring manager

  4. Interview with team

  5. Offer

Access the next generation of IT management

Access the next generation of IT management